Conferences Overview

COMS (Commercialization of Microsytems)

COMS conferences incorporate micro-nano-emerging technologies. They are now a well-established series of international conferences focused primarily on all issues associated with commercialization. They are hands-on practical conferences that help companies find new markets and customers for their products. Initially, micro-nanotechnologies or small technologies, were the main subjects of conference programs. Since these are now well-established enablers for the manufacture of a whole range of products, COMS is now extended to cover the wider landscape of emergent technologies that will have a commercial impact on the global market.

COMS conferences are 3-4-day events with keynote and invited speakers, usually with an accompanying exhibition and an entrepreneurial workshop on the first day, for small companies, start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs.

COMS conferences aim to bring together entrepreneurs and startups, researchers, end-users, facilitators such as foundries, etc, venture capitalists, government agencies, and others who are interested in the commercialization of emerging technologies. They do not focus on academic research but business development utilising the new technologies.

COMETS (Commercialization of Emerging Technologies) and other Events

At COMS2007 in Melbourne, the MANCEF Board decided to extend its annual conference activities to include at least one, smaller, sector focussed conference.
The first MANCEF COMET, co-sponsored with ASME, was held in Hong Kong June 3-5, 2008, titled the ‘International Conference on Integration and Commercialization of Micro and Nanosystems.’

MANCEF held a one-day COMET on 30 January 2013 in Tokyo’s Big Sight during the Nano Tech 2013 expo. The event focused on the commercialization of nanotechnology and MEMS and how different countries achieve lab-to-market success.

After a discussion at COMS2008 in Mexico with Philppe Fischer, Director of Swiss Foundation for Research in Microtechnology (FSRM) and MANCEF Board members, it was decided to launch a COMET-like conference in January 2010 at the alpine village, Villars-sur-Ollon in Switzerland, on ‘Equipment for Manufacturing Microproducts’. It was organised and managed by the Swiss organisation, Micronarc, a dedicated micro-nanotech cluster and communication platform created by the governments of the seven cantons that constitute Western Switzerland. Micronarc’s primarily role is the development and promotion of the regional scientific, industrial and economic base in the sectors of microtechnologies.

The success of the first edition of the conference encouraged Micronarc to keep the format and continue with a series of conferences that became known as the Microproducts Annual Meeting (mAm). In 2015 the name was rebranded as The Micronarc Alpine Meeting. The series continues to grow in strength. The continued success of mAm two-day conferences is mainly due to the professionalism of its organisation and the high quality of the invited speakers, all specialists in their fields. In recent years its scope has been broadened to cover equipment, innovative processes and technologies for manufacturing microproducts. The idyllic location of Villars in Switzerland gives spectacular views of the Vaud Alps extending from Lake Geneva to Mont-Blanc.

Micronarc Alpine Meetings (mAm) ~ Since 2010 

The annual mAm conferences focus on equipment for high‐volume manufacturing of microproducts, including larger products produced with micro‐scale tolerances. Conference participants can expect two days of high‐quality presentations on various applications and state‐of‐the‐art micromanufacturing technologies. The conference comprises a single track of sessions, providing participants with an excellent overview of micro‐manufacturing technologies via invited‐only, high‐level speakers. The limited number of participants (~ 100 max), from both industry and academia, is an ideal number for quality networking and stimulating discussions over two days. Furthermore, the idyllic setting in the Alpine ski‐station of Villars simply adds to the relaxed atmosphere of the meeting.

Summary Reports for Past MAMs