MANCEF Media Partners

Launched in 2008, Commercial Micro Manufacturing International Magazine’s mission is to deliver a complete multi-media communications solution for companies working within the global micro manufacturing industry. CMM has established itself as the leading information sources for professionals involved in the production of micro, high-precision and MEMS products and services.

The magazine has for many years been MANCEF’s media associate. The past editor attended and reported on number of past COMS and MAM conferences. The current editor Elizabeth Valero continues to provide excellent support to MANCEF.

David Tolfree, Dr Steve Walsh, and Roger Grace are members of the magazine’s Editorial Advisory Board. David, the current VP of MANCEF, is the magazines regular features writer and reports on MANCEF’s COMS and MAM conferences. In the past other MANCEF members have contributed articles to the magazine. Articles published in past editions can be accessed on the CMM website.