Conference on the Commercialization of Micro/Nano & Emerging Technologies (COMET)
sponsored and hosted by Hanking Electronics

Location: Shenyang, China – Wanda Vista Hotel and Hanking Electronics MEMS Campus

Note: There will be a live audience for the China COMET and the Panel Sessions but the COMS part will be virtual with the speaker’s recorded talks

Revised Program
Date: August 23-24, 2021

Hanking Electronics HQ and Fab – Fushun, China

Speaker Order- China Live Sessions with Virtual Speakers

Day 1 Morning (China) – Semconductor Session 
Doug Sparks – A Decade of Semiconductor & MEMS Supply Chain Improvements in China (EST)
Paul Krake – US-China Series- China’s supply chain adjustment strategies. (CT-Chicago?)
Robert Quinn – The Continued Industry Growth of 8″ Wafer Fabs. (CT Texas)
Chetan Arvind Patil – NXP, The Status of Semiconductor Manufacturing In India, (MT AZ – live QA)
Tom Nguyen – MEMS / Semiconductor development in Vietnam (PT)
Muru Meyyappan -High-speed test infrastructure and challenges in testing Datacenter / 5G products (PT)
Marco Mezger – What’s up in the Memory (DRAM) and Storage (SSD) market (Taiwan)

Day 1 Afternoon – MEMS & Sensor Session
Andrew Oliver and David Dickensheets Title:  Micro-Optical Devices and their Applications in LIDAR-MT
Robert Andosca – MEMS-Based Energy Harvesting for Wearable Technologies- MT
Mary Ann Maher – Digital Twins in MEMS and Sensors design- PT
Sara Sun- Enabling the New Age of MEMS and Sensors-China
Lucy Huang- High Volume MEMS Foundries- China
Roger Grace- Commercialization Printed, Flexible, Stretchable and Functional Fabric Sensors (virtual only no Q&A)
Leonardo Sala- COVID-19 impact on MEMS applications: shift in products, new directions and new opportunities- EU
Roger Grace- The MEMS 2020 Industry Commercialisation Report Card

Taguhi Yeghoyan  Yole Development- MEMS for Transportation and Consumer Applications – EU
Alessandro Rocchi Advances in Inertial MEMS – EU

Day 2 Morning – Biotechnology & Medical Applications
Steve Sensoli – China’s First Biotechnology Joint Venture Company  EST
Kalyan Handique – Commercialization and entrepreneurial lessons from two microfluidic startups HandyLab and Celsee   EST
Jen Baird – Successfully Getting a Software-as-a-Medical-Device Built and Approved for Marketing in the U.S.  EST
John Malcolm Wilkinson – Animal Testing replacement could be the biggest market for organ on a chip microphysiological systems by 2027- UK

US- China Entrepreneurial – Business Funding Panel – (Now only Virtual in US)
Members – Maher (Chair), Walsh, Psarouthakis, Sauvag

Funding and Infrastucture Schemes
Nicolas Sauvage
 – TDK Venture-Corporate VCs accelerating success of innovative hard-tech startups-PT
Steve Walsh – Maturity of VC in the US, Europe and Asia- MT
Chinese Speakers Day 2 Tour or Poster session
David Tolfree – Emerging and Enabling Technologies and the KTN (Knowledge Transfer Network) Funding Infrastructure in the UK

European – China Entrepreneurial and Business Funding
– Tolfree (Chair), Volker, Sala, Rocchi

Conference Call for Speakers and Posters

If you are interested in speaking on conference topics send an abstract to Doug Sparks at by 1 July.


Abstracts of length 100-200 words that address the topics of converging technologies are requested to be received no later than May 15. These could include case studies in the following areas or others that are associate.

  • Semiconductor Session- Supply Chain & Infrastructure Semiconductor infrastructure, materials & supply chain resiliency
  • MEMS and Sensors High volume foundries, transport and consumerables applications, energy harvesting, and associated wearables
  • Biotechnology and Medical Applications new MEMS-based systems in biomedical applications etc.
  • Entrepreneurial Funding Schemes funding schemes for high tech start-up companies from the public (Gov

Presentations from areas that support commercialization such as licensing, education, infrastructure, and clusters, investment and funding opportunities issues are also welcomed. The submission should include a description of how sensors, MEMS, semiconductors, and associated commercialization issues are addressed.
Notification of abstract selection will be made by July 1. All selected authors will be provided with a presentation slot in the COMSWORLD 2021 program and will have their abstracts and bios published in a conference book of abstracts.

If you are interested in submitting an abstract to Doug Sparks at  by 1 July.