Conference: COMS 2008
City Location: Puerto Vallarta
Country: Mexico
Host Location: Jalisco
Dates: 31 August – 4 September

Conference Highlights

Organized by MANCEF, COECYTJAL, FUMEC and CMM Microsystemas, COMS 2008 is an ideal location to network with leading representatives from the entire micro-nano community. It fosters the commercialization of micro and nano technologies and addresses commercialization issues unique to these emerging and disruptive technologies and it will bring together key personnel from all over the world and from every sector of the supply chain, including government representatives, top researchers in the field, educators, relevant publication sources, equipment suppliers, end users, and financial experts. The small tech community gathers at COMS conferences to learn from others, share their own knowledge, discuss and debate points of view all of which contribute to the advancement of this emerging field. COMS is the oldest and most widely attended international conference on the commercialization of these enabling technologies.

An exhibition of equipment suppliers, product & service providers and consultants will be held in conjunction with COMS 2008. COMS addresses the issues related to building successful MNT firms, regions and educational programs: Global Overview of Small Technologies

Business Strategies innovation methods, business models including clusters, start-ups, foundries, commercializing off the shelf technology (COTS), investment methods, barriers to commercialization, case studies

Education, society and workforce issues – role of Government, education and skills programs, secondary, tertiary, postgraduate and continuing professional development, business alliances and international linkages, role and activities of professional bodies, opportunities for educational exchange

Applications and Transformations emerging and novel applications e.g. automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, sport and leisure – regional analysis, impact on existing manufacturing enterprises including businesses that have transformed themselves

  • Role of micro and nano technology in business transformation
  • Next generation of small technologies
  • Tools and technologies – equipment, test, and design
  • Packaging, integration and prototyping
  • Reliability and standards
  • The role of Venture Capitalists /Angels
  • Social implications, Regional clusters, The Role of Roadmaps
  • All application areas of Micro and Nano Systems