MANCEF COMSWORLD 2021 Virtual Conference – Sept 16-17, 2021

Conference on the Commercialization of Micro/Nano & Emerging Technologies
sponsored and hosted by Hanking Electronics

Location: Online

Get to Know MANCEF

MANCEF globally supports the creation, exchange and dissemination of knowledge vital to entrepreneurs, organizations and governments interested in the commercialization of emerging technologies.  We can help you grow your business.  Learn more from our board of directors; MANCEF Co-Founder and Vice President Roger Grace and MANCEF President Todd Christenson.

Conference Tutorials

Planning for tutorials at various conferences throughout the year is underway.  Stay tuned for more inforamtion about up coming events. Tutorials are 1-hour long presentations on various aspects of commercialization.  

Entrepreneurial Workshops

MANCEF provides entrepreneurs and companies “bootcamps” that are 1-2 day workshops to help your company get on track for commercialization or grow from current levels.  These bootcamps can be can be brought to your company or attached to another conference. Learn More…

Vlog Series

MANCEF is starting a Vlog series to provide guidance from top entrepreneurs in the field. Learn critical lessons from years of successful experience.  Stand on the shoulders of giants rather than repeat their painful mistakes.  See the Vlog series in the menu or click the photo above.


1-on1 coaching from MANCEF board of directors, get connected to investors for project funding, obtain access to a wealth of materials to help you commercialize your products and systems, network with highly skilled professionals, meet new customers to grow your business, advertise with a network that has proven to acheive results, obtain discount admission to conferences and more.  Enter your Information Below to Learn More.

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