Conference: COMS 2007
City Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia
Host Location: Sofitel Hotel
Dates: 2-6 September
Theme: “THE BIG Micro-Nano EVENT”

Conference Highlights

Commercialisation of Micro and Nanosystems was organised by Jane Niall (MANCEF VP for Asia and Deputy Secretary of Department of Innovation Industry and Regional Development and the Victorian Government. It was the first COMS in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Victoria Government provided travel support for a trade delegation of 10 SMEs from the UK to attend COMS and visit companies in the Melbourne area. A dinner was arranged by the British Ambassador for the delegation.

Dr. Erol Harvey, Co-Founder and Director, MiniFAB a conference co-chair quoted

“Discussions at COMS and with the MANCEF community were instrumental in defining the business model for MiniFAB, providing encouragement to get started in our early days, and building our international networks. We owe much to these meetings.”