What is MANCEF

MANCEF is a not for profit independent international organization with a mission to accelerate the commercialization of products and services derived from micro-nano-emergent technologies for entrepreneurs, companies, universities, governmental agencies, and others who share the same interest.


Objectives and Goals

Our mission is achieved through the dissemination of knowledge and experience, and interactive networking by providing access to and participation in annual international and regional conferences, workshops and other events in association with partners.

To expand its global reach MANCEF is organizing Chapters in three regions, the Americas, Europe- Africa and Asia-Pacific, under the direction of its three Vice Presidents. These chapters will focus on the specific needs of the regions by engaging with local entrepreneurs, companies, academic institutions, governmental agencies, and other relevant entities.

Brief History of MANCEF

The rapid excitement and advancement of microtechnologies in the 1980s and early 1990s and the relatively slow commercialization of these technologies provided the impetus for a new type of conference, one focused on the commercialization of microsystems. In 1994, with sponsorship from the Engineering Foundation and NSF. the first Coms (Commercialization of Microsystems) Conference was held in Banff, Canada. This conference was funded by the US Engineering Foundation and the National Science Foundation and invited international attendees representing, potential end-users, service providers such as foundries, leading researchers, small companies, equipment providers, and funding agencies were in attendance. The attention and success of this conference led to two follow up conferences in 1996 in Hawaii and 1998 in San Diego and due to the continued demand for Coms conferences, it was decided to start offering COMS annually. After the COMS2000 conference held in Santa Fe in September 2000, a decision was made to form the Micro and Nanotechnology Commercialisation Education Foundation (MANCEF) to manage COMS conferences and promote the commercialisation of micro-nano technologies worldwide. MANCEF was officially incorporated on 26 December 2000 in Florida USA as a not-for-profit foundation with a President and Board of Directors.

The series of COMS conferences have continued as annual events with partners at venues in countries around the world. COMS conferences provide a meeting place and a platform for researchers, practitioners, manufacturers, suppliers, funders, investors, educationalists and government representatives to come together to share knowledge on the latest developments in MNTs and to explore routes to the global market. Above all else, MANCEF, through the COMS conferences, facilitates global networks that help to raise awareness of new business opportunities for the participants.

At COMS2007, sponsored and organised by the Victorian Government in Melbourne, Australia, MANCEF created an additional series of local conferences dedicated to specialised topics known as COMETS (Commercialization of Emerging Technologies). A number of these took place in the following years.

MANCEF International is now entering a new phase and will be developing chapters throughout the world to facilitate the commercialization of emerging technologies in different regions by providing content and by networking local, regional and global expertise.

A historical record of all the past conferences can be found on this website under the heading – Conferences.