Conference: COMS 2004
City Location: Edmonton
Country: Canada
Host Location: University of Alberta
29 August – 2 September

Conference Highlights


The conference was sponsored by the University of Alberta. The lead partners were: EVG, the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation, Microlyne Inc and Nano Mems Edmonton Inc

Strong attendance from all levels of provincial and federal government, as well as from many small companies. This conference began the transition from a MEMS focus to a nanotechnology focus. It was followed by the 24 sessions listed

Exhibitors were:
ASME, Bennington Microtechnology Center, Brewer Science Inc, Coventor, Demont and Breyer, Development Agency East Netherlands ,Digital Amtrix Corporation, Elbau Electronics, Honeywell, Intellisense Software Corporation, Zander, Memscap Inc, MiniFab, Olympus Partnership , Development Group, Proto Miktotechnik GmbH, Soft MESM LLC, Surface Technology Systems, SUSS MIcroTec, Washington Technology Center.

The opening welcome talk was given by Allen Scott the President and CEO of the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation

There were impressive industry tours at the Microlyne MEMS foundry and the University of Alberta’s National Nanotechnology Institute.