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Submission Deadline of August 15, 2019 Established for the Americas Hosting of the 22nd. Three-Day Annual Conference 

Albuquerque, New Mexico…July 8, 2019…The Micro, Nano and Emerging Technologies Commercialization Education Foundation (MANCEF) has announced the request for proposals (RFP) for its 22nd Annual Commercialization of Micro and Emerging Technologies Conference (COMS) to be held in the Americas in the Fall of 2020. The three-day annual conference, expected to bring over 225 technologists from the Americas, Europe and Asia, will address the opportunities and challenges in the commercialization of micro, nano and emerging technologies. Past participants in this world-renowned conference include industry thought leaders, government staffers and academicians. Previous venues of the event have been hosted in Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Mexico, Australia, Canada and the US. The most recent COMS was successfully held in Montreux, Switzerland. The organizing committee of the conference will be co-staffed by members of the board of MANCEF as well as members from the sponsoring region. Deadline of proposals is August 15, 2019 and is open to hosting regions in North, South and Central America as well as in the Caribbean Islands. 

Dr. Todd Christenson, President of MANCEF said…” The conference host will select a theme coinciding with its region’s established competencies in the micro, nano and/or emerging technology area to help showcase to the conference attendees’ various organizations within its region that are actively supporting micro, nano and emerging technologies. The theme will also support areas of workforce development targeted by the hosts. The call for abstracts for presentation will be solicited in early October and we expect approximately 50 speakers will be selected to make presentations. In addition, COMS 2020 will include an all-day Entrepreneurial Workshop to help local as well as visiting entrepreneurs sharpen their business acumen and to learn from the instructors, which will be comprised of MANCEF Board of Directors, the secrets of developing winning business plans as well as to how to best manage their technology-based organizations. There will be a half-day tour of a local technology organization as well as a conference gala dinner. Sponsorship of the conference will be solicited by both the MANCEF and local committee teams. We expect that COMS 2020 will successfully follow in the footsteps of all of the previous ones… not being of an academic conference but rather one focused on lessons-learned in creating and scaling businesses and in expanding economic development and the local job market.” 

Interested parties can access the COMS2020 RFP template by going to the MANCEF website… Deadline for proposal is August 15, 2019. 



 The Commercialization of Micro, Nano and Emerging Technologies Conference (COMS), in its 22nd. year, fosters commercialization of emerging technologies by providing a highly interactive meeting for vetting technology commercialization ideas, maximizing chance for exponential commercialization success and obtaining one-on-one feedback of all issues regarding commercialization. Attendees who will benefit from a COMS meeting include local economic development stakeholders, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, product development VPs/directors/managers, government and academic IP licensing agents, technology industry consultants, management of innovation and disruptive technology practitioners and venture, angel and institutional investors. The COMS meetings are not academic conferences but are focused on lessons learned in creating and scaling businesses, and expanding the local economy and job market. 



 The Micro, Nano and Emerging Technologies Commercialization Education Foundation (MANCEF) is a United States Internal Revenue Service 501(c) (3) non-profit educational foundation organization comprised of an international group of passionate technology commercialization evangelists who’s goal it is to accelerate the commercialization of emerging technology of all varieties. 

Within this group one finds ‘professional entrepreneurs’ and highly experienced commercialization practitioners from industry, government and academia who possess hundreds of cumulative years of commercialization experience and have seen and coached newco’s through numerous manufacturing, marketing, and product introduction pitfalls having a deep understanding of the ingredients necessary for commercialization success. Members of MANCEF are also available to provide direct mentoring through candid, constructive commercialization guidance and feedback one-on-one and case-by-case. This experience base can be accessed by sponsoring an international COMS or local COMET meeting as well as by sponsoring a MANCEF commercialization session in conjunction with your organization’s professional meetings. As a result, MANCEF has accelerated the process of bringing emerging tech of all types to the market thereby helping to build out new companies in the innovation sector. Find out more at