Learn the process to maximize your chance of success when you commercialize a new product. You can be successful and reach the stars. This knowledge applies to vast applications in medical, automotive, industrial, customer electronics, defense and energy.

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5) Use core building blocks – Core building blocks enable scale because the critical technology elements stay the same and only customer interfaces change.
6) Understand Process Variation – Understanding how process variations influence performance and minimizing it reduces costs long term.
7) Degree of Difficulty – Understand how existing vs new processes and materials affect the degree of difficulty to launch your product on time and within budget.
8) It Needs to Work – Product works per the design intent and meets the customer specification.
9) Value Marketing – Split the spending 50/50 with technical development and marketing.
10) Are You the Right Person – Do Colleagues refer to you as intense, highly driven or an animal? Leave your tips in the comments.

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