Learn the process to maximize your chance of success when you commercialize a new product. This video series covers critical aspects of emerging technology commercialization learned over many years of experience making millions of units in high volume. Todd Christenson is Founder and CTO of HT Micro (https://www.htmicro.com/) a successful MEMS inertial sensor company based in Albuquerque, NM. This is part 1 of a 2 part series. This knowledge applies to vast applications in medical, automotive, industrial, customer electronics, defense and energy. Here is a brief preview:

1) Time your new product with a burning need in the market
2) Obtain your first customer before you start design
3) Stay focused on the value proposition and do not pursue derivatives until your first product launches successfully
4) Value manufacturing and test – let manufacturing and testing needs influence your design to lower cost

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Photograph – Aurora Borealis at 35,000 ft – David DiPaola

Video production and editing by DiPaola Consulting