MANCEF Corporate Partnerships

MANCEF globally supports the creation, exchange, and dissemination of knowledge vital to people, organizations, and governments interested in the commercialization of emerging technologies. The primary objectives are to accelerate the commercialisation of micro, nano and emerging technologies. To assist our membership we have partnered with corporations and consultants that can assist and make our membership thrive.

Risk Reduction for Your Global Expansion Strategy
Increased revenue, reduced costs and shortened time to market are some reasons customers choose Global Kinetics as their internationalization partner. We provide the know-how and execution strategy necessary for successful market penetration. We understand the obstacles that companies face when expanding globally; thus, we work with our clients to minimize their risk and maximize their return on investment.

Growth Planning
Growth needs to be planned, not only to be successful, but to remain sustainable. The Global Kinetics team will help you plan for the realistic expectations and realistic management of you corporate growth.

Save Time …Add Value
International progression grows the value of your company. We compliment existing management with expertise that enables them to execute expansion into global markets. Together we develop efficient solutions with our experience and partners, versus the alternative of costly trial and error.