MANCEF Corporate Partnerships

MANCEF globally supports the creation, exchange, and dissemination of knowledge vital to people, organizations, and governments interested in the commercialization of emerging technologies. The primary objectives are to accelerate the commercialisation of micro, nano and emerging technologies. To assist our membership we have partnered with corporations and consultants that can assist and make our membership thrive.

Headquartered in The Netherlands (Amsterdam periphery), Global Kinetics BV (GK) is a Dutch professional services firm that works with American companies desiring to develop and/or enhance their sales in the European marketplace. Effectively, GK is an international accelerator enabling US companies to quickly penetrate European markets, scale operations, and compete in the EU as a European entity to increase sales, access new markets, build market share, and brand awareness; all while increasing shareholder value.

GK has a unique, competitive advantage because it offers immediate access to a European Ecosystem and existing professional network. GK takes the complex and daunting task for US companies wanting to do business in Europe and walks them through a logical, phased process of internationalization. No full-service consulting firm currently offers this suite of services to US small and medium-sized businesses. These businesses can now compete with their larger counterparts because GK ‘levels the playing field’ by removing the complex barriers of internationalization that keep smaller US companies from competing in EU markets. GK understands the obstacles that companies face when expanding into Europe and works with clients to minimize their risk and maximize their return on investment. This is especially important when company investors expect rapid expansion, product life cycles are short, and time to market is critical. These variables are inherently found in the technology, software, industrial, military (defense contracting), and the consumer goods industries. GK’s services are also important for companies that want to sell to various European country governments, NATO, or local governmental municipalities and are required to be a legal EU entity to bid and propose on such contracts.

Global Kinetic’s Analysis Phase

Part A

GK’s objective is to work with the best companies that meet a profile for success. Thus, aligning US and European businesses and objectives is critical to understanding if a client is ready for internationalization. If the company is not ready, GK will only work with the client on a limited basis.  The goal is to qualify prospective companies and only dedicate time with the candidates with the highest probability of success.


Part B

Once a client is confirmed as ready for internationalization, GK develops a strategic and tactical plan that has overarching objectives to create beneficial sales, marketing, and tax strategies.  Market Analysis and Distribution Models are Developed specifically for each client.

Part C

Full Strategic Business Plan Mapping.  GK delivers the detailed implementation of operational functionality. During this phase, GK addresses the logistics of details of import, export, product registration, taxation, distribution, warehousing, and fulfillment. Typically, physical products can be shipped from strategic distribution points (Rotterdam or other advantageous point of entry) to anywhere in the EU within 5 days.