YTA Nominees

VeriTan Inc.
Robert Sachs

Tide Microfluidics
Bernd Vinke

Zeteo Tech LLC
Charles Call

Blackrock Microsystems, LLC
Florian Solzbacher

John T. McDevitt

Cagent Vascular
Robert M. Giasolli


YTA Winner

International Success for Twente Entrepreneurs

Tide Microfluidics Reigns Supreme at COMS/Young Technology Award 2014 in Salt Lake City

YTA-Winner The strength and vigour of the Twente high-tech ecosystem was proven once again with Tide Microfluidics, a spin-off of the University of Twente’s MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology, being presented with both the public prize and the Young Technology Award at the COMS 2014 in Salt Like City, USA. COMS is a major international conference on the commercialisation of nanotechnology. The grand prize of $5,000 is awarded to the best young and innovative company. In addition to winning the grand prize, Tide Microfluids was also the audience’s favourite, receiving the audience award of $500.

About the Winner
Tide Microfluidics’ technology enables twenty times clearer images in ultrasound procedures, allowing doctors to come to a diagnosis more quickly and with improved accuracy. This effect is created using tiny bubbles that optimally reflect the signal of the ultrasound machine, thereby making even the smallest organ structures visible to doctors.

Tide Microfluidics makes use of the Nespresso model: They provide a device that allows doctors to easily produce customised contrast agents at the individual patient’s bedside. Its profits come from these devices, to make the bubbles, and the accompanying one-time-use disposable sets, which ensure sterility and no cross contamination between patients.

Bernd Vinke and Wim van Hoeve: “We came here today with the backing of our mentors and the Kennispark Twente ecosystem and were able to shine. It gives us confidence to see that other people really believe in what we’re doing and we are grateful for the recognition.”

Jury’s Opinion
The jury of international experts was unanimous in its choice of the winner, from the six nominees. Where Tide Microfluids truly made a difference was in its introduction of new technology to a sizeable market with an acute need of a means of painlessly detecting diseases such as prostate cancer. VeriTran, of New Mexico, was chosen as runner-up. VeriTran presented a strong business case in the multi-billion dollar market of oil and gas production.

The Young Technology Award
The Young Technology Award is a concept by Powered by Twente Innovation Events. This annual award show takes place at the national level at Kennispark Twente, and globally during the COMS international conference.