COMS 2011

COMS 2011

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COMS2011 Wrap Up – 01 Sep 2011


  • Saile
  • Tolfree
  • Mehalso
  • Haak
  • Wylde
  • Davenport (via Skype)
  • Walsh


Sandia was positive


  • Large exhibit hall worked well with all people congregating in hall
  • Feedback from exhibitors was positive
  • Feedback from Equipment Vendors was poor


  • Breakouts
  • Nanobio was less well attended than expected
  • Limited breakouts worked well
  • Most breakouts were less well attended than expected
  • Wednesday breakouts were poorly attended
  • 3 breakouts on last day hurt attendance
  • Joe DeSimone was well received
  • As were most plenaries
  • Feedback on program was generally positive

Poster Session

  • Poster session could have been better organized
  • Pitches in exhibit hall were hard to hear
  • Suggest holding pitches at end of plenary
  • Number of locals was disappointing

Awards Dinner

  • Well attended
  • Not sure how many came in local vs. attendees that stayed

NanoMatch Global

  • Well received
  • Advance marketing and preparation helped
  • Folks came in knowing what they wanted to talk about


  • Price was reasonable and well received
  • Facilities well situated for networking (seats generous, lots of little seating places, etc.)


  • Better this year than previous years
  • Many small groups spotted around facility
  • MANCEF should guide attendees to vendors of interest

Suggestions for 2012

  • Expanded investor Forum
  • Will likely be local investors
  • Expanded Entrepreneur Boot Camp
  • Need to move on equipment vendors and not count on support
  • Add matching session
  • Expanded NanoMatch Global concept