MANCEF Advisors


[twocol_one]Henne van Heeren
MANCEF Assistant VP ( Europe)
Henne runs the Dutch office of enablingMNT and is a specialist in production engineering and supply chain management. He has offered market research and manufacturing related services in the field of MNT since 2003. Henne has a chemistry degree from Utrecht University. His career steps included the responsibility for the transfer and industrialisation of the thin film magnetic heads technology from Philips Research to the Business Unit, wafer fab production management, and business development management. He is currently assisting several companies and other organisations in the area of MNT product industrialisation using his production expertise and extensive international network. Henne published several articles about the trends and developments in the microfluidic based industry. He offers consultancy to (start-up) companies and other organizations on all aspects of industrialization of micronano based products.[/twocol_one]

[twocol_one_last]Patric Salomon
Patric Salomon runs the German office of enablingMNT and is a specialist in marketing and commercialisation strategies. Patric has an engineering degree in microelectronics from Berlin Technical University. He was a project manager for the German national microsystems programme at VDI/VDE-IT and the editor of mstnews; he launched German operations for French MEMS provider MEMSCAP, and had been contracted to run operations of The NEXUS Microsystems Association (Switzerland) during 2008-09.

In addition to reviewing/evaluating for the European Commission, he is currently working on exploitation strategies, publicity, and roadmapping of MNT research and also advising/supporting companies in marketing strategies and press relations.