The TSensors (Trillion Sensors) Summit is an event being organized as a forum for world sensor visionaries to present their views on which sensor applications and sensor types have potential to fuel sensor market growth to trillions by 2023. Their visions will form a foundation for a Trillion Sensor Roadmap, which sensor experts consider instrumental in acceleration of development and commercialization of sensors supporting global changes in the coming decade. The event will be held at Stanford University on October 23-25, 2013, the site of the 2010 MEMS Technology Summit which generated the inspiration for the Trillion Sensor Roadmap.

TSensors Summit vision is that the sensor development acceleration will require the following steps:

  • “Invention” of new sensor applications likely to enter an ultra high volume demand resulting from emerging global tides such as Abundance1, Mobile Health, Internet of Things, Context Computing, CeNSE and others. This is the objective for TSensors Summit at Stanford (and later in Japan in 2014).
  • Post-processing of the outlined visionary applications to extract sensor types supporting them and which would require the development acceleration effort. Results will be published as TSensors Roadmap.
  • Formation of working groups focused on developing the acceleration strategy for needed high volume sensor types.
  • Executing the acceleration strategy, which will likely require funding of the cooperative effort between academia, industry and Governments, to develop sensors and required high volume manufacturing infrastructure enabling low cost (design tools, manufacturing processes and tools, packaging, testing, etc.).

MEMS component market reached about 1% of the semiconductor market in early 1970s. Today it is about 3.5%. With a trillion-sensor market, MEMS global revenues could exceed $300B within a decade, increasing this ratio to 8%.

One of the most rewarding effects of trillion sensors will be life-changing global advancements and improvements addressing elimination of the biggest world’s problems, such as hunger, lack of medical care, pollution, lack of water and energy, as well as improvement of quality of life for all.

While presentation session at TSensorsSummit is full, due to the interest of additional sensor experts to share their visions we have opened Late Presentations. Submitted abstracts will be printed in the Proceedings, and full papers will be included in the on-line Proceedings. If interested, please send your abstract to Dr. Janusz Bryzek

Join us at the TSensors Summit to watch the revolution unfold!
Visit for details. Bette Cooper of MEPTEC is helping to organize the event; e-mail her at or call 650-714-1570 if you have questions.