Today we have commercial MEMS and Nano solutions that are increasingly expected to provide more value as they replace traditional solutions. Whether it is Nanotubes based computers or MEMS devices that sense, think, act, communicate and/or navigate them are running into both technological nay-sayers and the resistance that is experienced by any product requiring end-user behavioral change. MEMS and Nano devices today are acting more and more to revolutionize the markets and industries in which they find applications. These technologies have passed through many of the steps and the time required of a technology base to emerge as an industrial base.

Structure of the International Micro-Nano Roadmap

The 1st Edition of the IMN Roadmap was organized in three sections with fifteen chapters. The 2nd Edition Roadmap has a further six new chapters and two updated chapters from the 1st Edition. The Cd-ROM version of the IMN Roadmap contains both 1st and 2nd Editions. The sections and chapters are structured as follows:

New 2nd Edition Chapters

  • New Introduction
  • Nanotechnology
  • MEMS Patent Analysis
  • Process and Equipment for MST
  • Equipment and Tooling for MNT

Updated Chapters include:

  • Status and Future of Microsystems / MEMS Foundries
  • Packaging and Assembly

1st Edition Chapters Included:

  • Introduction
  • Commercialization
  • Optical Microsystems
  • BioMEMS
  • Market Forecasting
  • IC Compatible Manufacturing
  • Non-IC Compatible Manufacturing
  • Simulation, Modeling and Design
  • Reliability, Testing and Metrology
  • Packaging & Assembly
  • Microsystems Foundry
  • Cost Models
  • Standards
  • Integration
  • Glossary

Major Findings

Our contributors have provided many salient conclusions throughout our chapters. Some of the roadmap information supports the current Micros and Nano technologies as the economic engine that could drive the next “big commercial opportunity”. Others identify bottlenecks and roadblocks. The nature of a roadmap is that all chapters are interdependent and many of the major findings are voiced in differing ways across the body of the work. We provide new findings from our new and revised chapters in section 4.

  1. There is a longer history than commonly thought of products based on Nano technology
  2. There are exceptional ways to categorize nanotechnologies that make commercial success
  3. We provide a timeline to atomically precise manufacture Nano technology
  4. RF MEMS is near commercial breakthrough on many arenas and we provide a timeline and a roadmap.
  5. There is a rich and core patent history in Micro and Nano technologies that include “core” patents
  6. There is an imitation of a standard MEMS tool set
  7. The MEMS industry is in an era of fermentation and we have provided an analysis of the existing foundry base

Pricelist for MANCEF Roadmaps

Description Pages Price
The second edition of the International Micro – Nano Roadmap, pp. 674 $510.00
International Nanotechnology Atomically Precise Manufacturing Roadmap, pp. 131 $220.00
An Analysis of Microtechnology and Nanotechnology Patent, Rpp. 112 $220.00
The International RF MEMS Roadmap,” MANCEF, Naples pp. 122 $220.00
International Roadmap on MEMS, Microsystems, Micromachining and Top Down Nanotechnology pp. 614 $510.00
Microtechnology Process Flows which Enable Microsystems based Products pp. 34 $220.00
MEMS Packaging and Assembly pp. 49 $220.00
An Analysis of the Future Status of MST Foundries pp. 38 $220.00
A Status Report on Equipment and Tooling for Micro and Nano Technology pp. 61 $220.00