Research that was first reported at the 10th International COMS Conference, Baden Baden Germany, in 2005, has thrust Australia’s Catapult Sports onto the global stage. The research collaboration between the Australian CRC for microTechnology and the Australian Institute of Sport provided the technology and key IP that has enabled Catapult Sports to develop their enviable position as world market leaders.

Catapult Sport’s CEO, Shaun Holthouse:
“Catapult Sports is the world leader in wearable athlete tracking for elite sport with offices in London, Atlanta and Melbourne. Our clients include 300 of the best known sports teams and organisations in the world, for example AC Milan, New York Giants, Boston Celtics and Canterbury Crusaders. Our products take the guess work out of training and performance, providing tools for tactical, skills and fitness analysis as well as injury prevention. We do this through a heavy focus on innovation and technology – especially the deployment of microtechnology and microelectronics in sophisticated hardware packages that athletes wear during training and competition. Although we have just launched in the United States about 18 months ago, we already count 1/3 of the NFL and more than 20 NCAA division 1 college teams amongst our clients. For each sport we service, we use sophisticated feature recognition algorithms to turn accelerometer, gyroscope and other MEMS sensor data into ‘coachspeak’ analytics – how many tackles did you perform, what was the intensity of each, what was the delivery speed of your cricket bowl, or how often do you break left on a basketball court. Some of the most respected and experiences practitioners in elite sports coaching describe Catapults products as the most significant enhancement in athlete preparation in the last 20 years.”

Clive Davenport
Past MANCEF President