The organization that ultimately became MANCEF (The Micro, Nano, and Emerging Technology Commercialization Education Foundation) was initiated by global leaders in the Small Tech community in the early 1990’s. The organization was created to accelerate the commercialization of micro/nano technologies by connecting researchers, suppliers, funders and policy makers. Before MANCEF, the commercialization of MNT was hindered because the community did not fully understand how to leverage these then unknown technologies. MANCEF was the first international organization to bring together the various players and help fill this gap via The COMS series of Conferences

MANCEF has held COMS in all regions of the world, and has helped many small firms achieve their funding goals. We also assisted centers of excellence and large firms around the world. One example, MEMX, a company that announced their formation at COMS 2000. Another example is a Dutch firm – TMP, and by extension Kymata and Alcatal. We assisted European efforts, first in Darmstadt, Germany, then Oxford, England, the Netherlands and Germany once again. We were the first to support international commercialization conferences in Asia and Australia with a variety of supported events in India, China and Australia. Our mission has always been to break down the barriers between the various stakeholder groups through education, focusing not on data but rather information, knowledge and hopefully wisdom.