MANCEF’s Mission

MANCEF globally supports the creation, exchange, and dissemination of knowledge vital to people, organizations, and governments interested in the commercialization of emerging technologies.

The primary objectives are to accelerate the commercialisation of micro, nano and emerging technologies.


In addition to COMS conferences and workshops MANCEF, published the world’s first comprehensive Roadmap to address technology commercialisation. Over 300 authors, all researchers and industry practitioners, contributed to this and subsequent roadmaps.

MANCEF created a series of smaller specialised conferences and workshops, known as COMETS. The most successful, Micronarc Alpine Meeting (mAm), organised by Swiss Foundation for Research in Microtechnology (FSRM) has been in operation for nine years and located at Villars in Switzerland.  It is dedicated to technologies and innovative processes for the manufacture of microproducts.

MANCEF has conducted worldwide surveys with other organisations, namely IVAM, Semi and the Micromachine Centre. Some of its members have given presentations at conferences and trade shows organised by these and other centres in the US and Europe.

MANCEF has assisted centres of excellence, local economic development centres and large firms around the world, some of which were partners in COMS conferences, notably in Canada, Mexico and Germany and the Netherlands. MANCEF was the first to support international commercialization conferences in Asia and Australia with a variety of supported events in India, China and Australia.

MANCEF’s Objectives

To Connect and To Commercialize with Our Community


Produce international conferences, trade shows, educational training sessions, seminars and internet-based forums focused on micro, nano, and emerging technologies enabled by the effects of miniature scale, including commercial and educational opportunities utilizing such technology.


To provide a forum for a network of professionals to exchange information in a timely manner to help accelerate the acceptance and commercialization of emerging technologies.


We connect people from all areas of the value chain; including government, industry, and academia; to help them generate and grow business based on emerging technologies.