Micro, Nano, and Emerging Technologies Commercialization and Education Foundation (MANCEF) is a global membership association focused on the commercialization of revolutionary technologies. As an educational non-profit, our goal is to facilitate connections and to educate those bringing disruptive and innovative emerging technologies to market.


Mission Statement

MANCEF connects a global community focused on commercializing micro, nano, and emerging technologies through conferences and educational efforts.

MANCEF’s Objectives

To Connect and To Commercialize with Our Community


Produce international conferences, trade shows, educational training sessions, seminars and internet-based forums focused on micro, nano, and emerging technologies enabled by the effects of miniature scale, including commercial and educational opportunities utilizing such technology.


To provide a forum for a network of professionals to exchange information in a timely manner to help accelerate the acceptance and commercialization of emerging technologies.


We connect people from all areas of the value chain; including government, industry, and academia; to help them generate and grow business based on emerging technologies.


Sandia National Labs